• AMERICAN DAD features staunch GOP supporter and CIA agent Stan Smith, his blissfully unaware wife Francine, his 18 year-old left wing activist daughter Hayley and his cocky 14 year-old video game playing son Steve and their misadventures in Langley Falls, VA every Mon-Fri at 10pm on KAIL.

  • DR. TEMPERANCE BRENNAN (Emily Deschanel) is a highly skilled forensic anthropologist who works at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C., and writes novels on the side. When the standard methods of identifying a body are useless (when the remains are so badly decomposed, burned or destroyed), law enforcement calls on Brennan for her uncanny ability to read clues left behind in the victim's bones. Watch Saturday’s and 6pm and 7pm on KAIL.

  • BURN NOTICE is a sexy, action-packed original series starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a formerly blacklisted spy and Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona, a beautiful ex-IRA operative and Westen’s girlfriend. He uses his unique skills to help people in desperate situations. Watch Burn Notice every Wednesday night at 8pm and 9pm on KAIL.

  • CHEATERS features detectives with hidden cameras staking out the wayward and amorous. Mon-Fri. at 10:30am and Sundays at 4pm and 4:30pm on KAIL.

  • Central Valley Buzz with Chuck Leonard is a locally produced "live" talk show. Central Valley Buzz will spotlight what is positive, fun and entertaining about the local area. Host Chuck Leonard will interview national celebrities & local personalities from an off-beat and humorous perspective. Local performers, artists and bands will be featured.

  • The show follows the adventures of an endearingly ignorant dad, PETER GRIFFIN. LOIS is Peter's wife, a stay at home mom with no patience for her family's antics. Then there are their kids: 17-year-old MEG is a social outcast and the Griffin family punching bag; 13-year-old CHRIS is a socially awkward teen who doesn't have a clue about the opposite sex; and 1-year-old STEWIE is a diabolically clever baby whose burgeoning sexuality is very much a work in progress. Rounding out the Griffin household is BRIAN, the family dog, a member of Mensa with a penchant for dry martinis and dumb blondes. Watch weekdays at 7 & 7:30pm and Saturdays at 10 & 10:30pm on KAIL.

  • THE FLIPSIDE: The Flipside™ offers a fresh perspective on political satire.

  • The world of EDGEMONT revolves around relationships - dating, family, friendship, power games and trust. It's high school in all its glory - or gruesome details, depending on the kind of day you're having. It's a time of innocence and harsh lessons learned. It's a world full of decisions and dilemmas. Watch every Mon-Sat at 7am on KAIL.

  • THE GAME PLANE: Filmed on a REAL flight with real passengers in real time, we'll play a variety of trivia games where anyone and everyone can win! Lots of cash and exciting prizes.... A first-of-its-kind combination travel/game show high above all the rest.

  • HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is a comedy about Ted (Josh Radnor) and how he fell in love. It all started when Ted's best friend, Marshall (Jason Segel), dropped the bombshell that he was going to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Lily (Alyson Hannigan), a kindergarten teacher. At that moment, Ted realized that he had better get a move on if he, too, hopes to find true love. Watch weekdays at 10am and Sundays at 1 & 1:30am on KAIL.

  • Smart, savvy and opinionated, the irrepressible Judge Judith Sheindlin continues to hold court as presiding judge on JUDGE JUDY, which has been the #1 show in daytime for two consecutive seasons. on KAIL.

  • Judge Greg Mathis is a unique role model and personality, which makes him stand out from other court show judges. As a young man, Mathis was involved with gangs, dropped out of school, spent time in jail and then, as a promise to his dying mother, turned his life around. He attended college, earned a law degree, became the youngest judge in Michigan’s history, and served as a Superior Court Judge for Michigan’s 36th district. Watch Judge Mathis every weekday at 12:00 & 12:30pm on KAIL.

  • HOT BENCH: From the producers of Judge Judy, HOT BENCH adds a new dimension to the court genre, with a panel of three judges hearing court cases, arguing the merits of the case amongst themselves and rendering a verdict.

  • THE MENTALIST: The series follows Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) based in Sacramento, California. Although not an officer of the law, he uses skills from his former career as a successful yet admittedly fraudulent psychic medium to help a team of CBI agents solve murders.

  • THE MEREDITH VIERA SHOW: Talk Show debuts on KAIL on Monday, September 8th.

  • MURDOCH MYSTERIES: The series takes place in Toronto starting in 1895 and follows Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) of the Toronto Constabulary, who solves many of his cases using methods of detection that were unusual at the time. These methods include fingerprinting (referred to as "finger marks"), blood testing, surveillance, and trace evidence.

  • “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” takes viewers into the minds of its criminals while following the psychological approaches the Major Case Squad uses to solve the crimes. Watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent every weeknight at 11pm and again at 2am on KAIL.

  • This hard-hitting and emotional series from NBC's "Law & Order" brand chronicles the life and crimes of the Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department, an elite squad of detectives who investigate sexually based crimes. Watch Law & Order: SVU every Monday night at 8 & 9pm on KAIL.

  • LEVERAGE follows the adventures of a highly skilled team out to settle scores against those who use power and wealth to victimize others. The gang is led by Nate, a former insurance investigator turned conman. His expert team includes a grifter, a retrieval specialist, a technology wizard and a slightly off-center, beautiful thief. Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton stars in this hour-long nonstop ride of action and fun.

  • Lucha Xtreme is an independent professional wrestling company that fuses both the lucha libre and American styles of professional wrestling. Lucha Xtreme boasts the most intense, extreme group of athletes that have thrilled fans literally around the world.

  • As a veteran journalist, Maury Povich is known for his ability to get to the heart of issues. This season, "Maury" continues to explore compelling issues that affect relationships and families. The show also covers topical items from the news, talent shows and psychic phenomenon.Watch “Maury” every weekday at 2 & 3pm on KAIL.

  • Talk Show hosted by Kylie Erica Mar and Julie L. Harkness every Sunday morning at 11am on KAIL.

  • "The Office" delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It’s a hilarious documentary-style look into the humorous and sometimes poignant foolishness that plagues the world of 9-to-5. Watch “The Office” every weeknight at 6 & 6:30pm and every Sunday at 5 & 5:30pm on KAIL.

  • THE PINKERTONS: Inspired by actual cases, The Pinkertons tells the story of the Pinkerton Detective Agency founded by Allan Pinkerton in 1850. Pinkerton is credited with revolutionizing detective work, including the first use of surveillance, undercover work and the mug shot.

  • RAISING HOPE: James "Jimmy" Chance is a clueless 24-year-old who impregnates a serial killer during a one-night-stand. Earning custody of his daughter after the mother is sentenced to death and electrocuted, Jimmy relies on his eccentric but well-intentioned family for support in raising the child.

  • Crime-solving adventures and tumultuous relationships abound in this fresh, contemporary, comedic drama that revolves around the deliciously dysfunctional Doyle family as they try to make it work as father and son private investigators. THE REPUBLIC OF DOYLE is created by and stars newcomer, Allan Hawco, as P.I. Jake Doyle, alongside award-winning actor Sean McGinley as his father and business partner, Malachy.

  • Saf3 is Southern California's elite multi-agency task force dedicated to saving human life. The team consists of the cream-of-the-crop of Los Angeles' Lifeguard, Firefighter and Cost Guard agencies: Heroes who form a highly specialized rescue unit to answer the most challenging calls in the most dangerous elements on earth – air, fire and water.

  • The Tim McCarver Show is a personal interview style program that intimately explores the careers and personalities of sports' greatest competitors. Each show is a full 30 minutes of in-depth questions designed to elicit the most candid responses from renowned sports personalities. Watch Tim McCarver every Sunday night at 11pm on KAIL.

  • In a recent poll, roughly 80% of Americans said that our government is hiding information regarding the existence of alien life. Then why is so little attention paid to reports of visitors from above? What does the media, and more importantly the government have to gain by keeping this information from us? Unsealed: Alien Files is a ground-breaking new show that shines a light on many of these archived alien documents. Each week Unsealed will tackle one compelling alien case by opening these previously off-limits secret files. Based on the newly discovered information we will re-examine evidence and follow developing leads. Saturdays at 11:00pm on KAIL.

  • THE WALKING DEAD: An American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont. It is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman

  • WILD AMERICA is a documentary television series that focuses on the wild animals and wild lands of North America. Watch “Wild America” every Saturday morning at 7:30am on KAIL.

  • WHITE COLLAR centers on the unlikely crime-solving partnership between Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), a charming con man turned consultant for the FBI, and Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), the Federal Agent charged with keeping him on the right side of the law. Watch for “White Collar” coming this October on KAIL.

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